Canova - Base (White)


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Extra-fine finishing coat for indoor applications, giving a soft, silky look to the walls, similar to Canova's sculptures.  Matte Plaster, acrylic

Use: indoors
Colour range: Canova colour cards.
Colour can be processed with the dye meter system
Equipment: stainless steel trowel (Stainless Steel Pollock Trowel), plastic trowel (Gauguin Plastic Trowel)
Dilution: ready to use

1.6m2 =17 sq feet (one coat) per 1 kg

.8 m2 = 8.5 sq feet (two coats) per 1 kg


8sm2 = 86 sq feet (one coat) per 5 kg

4 m2 = 43 sq feet (two coats) per 5 kg


Silky, smooth, opaque and statuesque: Canova transforms surfaces into a refined neoclassical plaster, making of every room a work of art, an ideal evocation of the Italian School of Art.

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